​Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wire

​Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wire Manufacturers

Our company Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd is proficient in designing and manufacturing a broad category of Electrical Wires, which are further used in a number of applications. Nowadays, we become the paramount Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wire Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters based in India. One of the common reasons behind the rising demand of such copper wires which have silver coating is that it has the characteristics of two metals which increase its efficiency and effectiveness that reflects in their work.

These Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wires have very good mechanical strength and low dissipation factor that makes it the first choice of every engineer. These are perfect to use in both domestic as well as industrial applications like room heaters, heavy industrial machinery, and high-temperature instruments, etc. We always use high-grade silver and copper while manufacturing and plating these wires, so, quality standards of the wires will never get compromised at any stage.

We have a handful of expertise engineers who have vast knowledge about their work. These are going through an electrolytic process in which the electrodes release the silver and coating on the wire done automatically which is supervised by our team of proficient engineers. Being a top-notch Silver Plated Copper Wire Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, we provide a comprehensive range of wires at a reasonable price. You are free to call us for more information about these wires.

Some Of The Features Of These Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wire Include

  • Resistant to low conductor and chemical
  • Ensure safety
  • High performance
  • Hook up wires
  • Reliable
  • Fireproof in nature
  • High functional efficiency

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